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Summer Camp Center Kerimaa
Kerimaa is in the Savonlinna region. Holiday and recreation center and a member of the Finnish school camp association.
We provide versatile possibilities for summer camps: we are located in the middle of the nature approximately 15 km from the Savonlinna city centre and approximately 10 km from Kerimäki city centre.
Accommodation either in cottages (3-12 persons) or in multi-family residentials. (2-4 persons). There is a café-restaurant in our main building as well as conference and training rooms. Our sauna beach services are also available: two beach saunas, smoke sauna, outdoor jacuzzi and “palju” (old fashioned bathing tub).
We arrange trips in the nearby surroundings, canoe trips and rowing boat trips on the safe Sylkynjärvi, playful games at the holiday village… Our business partner Töltin taika provides hikes on Icelandic horses, leading rein and social pedagogical riding activities. The summer camps can also be combined for example with visits to Olavinlinna in Savonlinna, the world’s biggest wooden church at Kerimäki, the sites at Salpalinjan Raikuu and Punkaharju as well as the ridge area in Punkaharju and the forest museum in Lusto.
The dining is concentratedly arranged in our restaurant. There are home foods worth mentioning and we use local producers’ products in our kitchen. Dining on an open fire or traditional dining can suitably be implemented into the program.

The news for summer 2017: youth fishing camps 

Reserve a summer camp close to nature at Kerimaa for your group!

Enquiries and reservations:
Kerimaan Lomakeskus Oy
tel. 358 15 555 0200 
Price List
 Base price 45 €/ person/ day (In season time 90€/person/day)

The summer camp base price includes:
1. Accommodation in a cottage or apartment (own bed linen)
2. Dining
3. One sauna night in the beach saunas at Kerimaa
4. Summer camp closing ceremony at the camp fire

The camp prices include full board in the following way:
One warm meal (dinner) and supper on the arrival day.
The following camp days’ breakfast, two warm meals (lunch and dinner) and supper. On the leaving day one warm meal. (lunch)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Special diets need to be reported in good time beforehand.                                                                                                             
A maximum of 3 adults/group with student prices. Otherwise the price for adults is 60€/day.
The conditions for trips and summer camps
-the group arranges transportation of their own
-the summer camp center reserves the rights to changes in prices and other data
-the billing principle is the confirmed number of people 2 weeks before the summer camp   
-the programs are implemented in line with the agreements, so that we in co-operation with the school plan the programs and construct a suitable overall experience
Summer Camp Day at Kerimaa
The day could be something like this:
8-9 a.m. breakfast at the restaurant
9-11 a.m. guided program according to your choices
11-12 a.m. lunch at the restaurant
13-16 p.m. guided program according to your choices
16-18 p.m. dinner at the restaurant
18-20 p.m. evening program (sauna, being outside…)
20-21 p.m. supper

The price of the summer camp is comprised in the following way:
base price/ person / day + chosen programs / person

Apart from the school’s own program there can be arranged at Kerimaa i.a. .
- golf-training and different length golf-classes (organizer Kerigolf Oy)
- Walking in the nature and hiking in the amazing ridge terrain. Camp at “laavu” and fireplaces
- guided or spontaneous fishing with own or Kerimaa’s equipment. Also view the fishing camp at Kerimaa here
- paddling and mountain biking
- evening party with program for groups of all ages, discos, karaoke, games
- sauna and fireplace evenings, swimming, grilling at grilling shelters
- good conference and group spaces for the school’s own activity, A/V-devices, Wi-Fi

Find more activity and program possibilities at the Kerimaa homepage in “Activities”.
Contact us fast at or tel. 015 555 0200 / Sonja Hentunen and discuss arranging of an individualised summer camp.
Act fast, because the accommodation capability for the summer 2017 is limited.
The fishing camps at Kerimaa are meant for boys aged 9-15.
The length of the camp: starting from June weekly from Tuesday to Saturday or a minicamp 3 days (2 nights).
Camp price: tue-sat 450€//person, minicamp 250€/person
Day course: without accommodation 38€/day
Possibility for prolonged holiday according to the prices at the holiday center. Parents can participate in the camps with youth prices.

The content of the program:
Guided learning how to fish and leisure program 5-8 hours a day, fishing theory, learning fishes and fishing rules, worm-fishing, spinning rod, trolling, jigging, fly fishing, fish handling and the preparing of the catch. Guided practical training at the salmon lake at Kerimaa and the lakes of the region. Fishing primarily with the ”catch and release” method.
The camp and course program will be suited to each group.
The leaders of the course are members of the local fishing organisations or experienced fishing and hiking guides.
The camp price includes:
- joint accommodation at the holiday village cottages or multi-family residential
- breakfast, lunch, dinner, on the trips trip food provisions.                                                                 
- The fishing license at the salmon lake of Kerimaa (value 25€/3h)
- fishing equipment is included, but own equipment are possible and recommended.                       
 - Joint leisure program such as games and camp fire evenings.

The number of participants: At least 6 participants per camp. The maximum number depends on the availability if the camp leaders as well as the accommodation capacity booking situation at Kerimaa. At least one parent needs to be a voluntary overseer. Food benefit for the overseer.

Other activities at Kerimaa for the parents and siblings of the attendees:
At Kerimaa boating and paddling, fishing, biking, minigolf, geocaching, nature hiking, golf training and golf classes (Kerigolf Oy), orienteering (Olavin Rasti ry), Icelandic horse hikes (Töltin taika), beach saunas and jacuzzies, at the end of the summer berry-picking and mushroom hunting

Enquiries and booking in advance by email
Enrolments before 31.5.2017.