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Summer activities in Kerimaa


Pond Kannantakainen: Kerimaa’s own salmon pond Kannantakainen is stocked with rainbow trout and trout. The pond also has wild species like whitefish, pike, and perch. We mostly apply catch and release system for fishing the trout species and whitefish. One value fish (trout or whitefish) is included to the license payment and others can also be cashed if the fisher wishes to keep the fishes.
With the salmon pond fishing license the fisher can also fish on the Lake Sylkky on the same day.
Fishing is allowed from the piers, boat or canoe.
Possibility to cook the catch in the beach barbeque independently.

Lake Sylkky: Lake Sylkky offers more affordable fishing opportunity in Kerimaa area. Children and teens under 18-years-old and elderly people over 65-years-old can fish free of charge with a fishing rod, snare, or with ice-fishing rod.  
For adults of age 18-64 fly-fishing costs 2 euro per day and the license for a year costs just 10 euro.
Boats and fishing gear for rent.

Lake Puruvesi:  Clear watered Lake Puruvesi is a part of Saimaa water area, which is one of the best fishing areas in Eastern Finland. Licenses and maps are available from the reception of Kerimaa. Fishing on Lake Puruvesi is offered as an independent activity, but local fishing guides may give their own offer for fishing trips.

Secret wilderness lakes: A guide takes small groups to secret wilderness lakes.

Fishing guides organize popular fishing courses for groups.
For more information contct Kerimaa reception tel. +358 15 555 0200

Kerimaa Holiday Village is surrounded by the Kerigolf golf course that consists of 18 holes. The golf course is unique because of its height differences and beauty. The playing season starts in May and lasts until the beginning of October. Kerigolf offers golf courses and individual lessons throughout the playing season. Green fee is 50 euro and in July 60 euro.

Kerimaa Holiday Village is a trekking destination itself. There is about 10 km of small paths and quiet driveways crisscrossing between the villas.
Short surrounding area tour: Kerimaantie-Ukonmurrontie-Torvelantie-Kerimaantie. About 2 km tour that goes along quiet driveways.
Nature paths: The forests in Kerimaa area are safe for walks and trekking. From July till September the forests are filled with blueberries, lingonberries, and mushrooms. Actual nature paths are marked so there is no need to be afraid of getting lost.  Maps and Nordic walking poles are available from the reception of Kerimaa, and picnic lunch can be asked from the restaurant.
Huosio nature path: Popular tour to Huosio lean-to and barbeque place starts from the yard of Luhti-hotel C. The length of the tour is 5 km. The tour goes through beautiful pine tree terrain. At the barbeque place it is possible to make fire and enjoy a picnic. Maps are available from the reception.
Tour of Kannantakainen: Tour around salmon pond Kannantakainen starts from the shore of Lake Sylkky where the Kerimaa saunas are located. The nature follows the golf course on top of a hill that is located between two lakes. Then the path goes to the forest and comes out to Ukonmurrontie, a slow road that leads to back to Kerimaa. The length of the tour is about 4 km.

Barbeque place:  Common barbeque hut is located behind Kerimaa restaurant, next to the pond Kannantakainen. Guest can use the barbeque grill for cooking. Equipment can be requested from the reception.

Sports equipment:  Kerimaa has bicykles, minigolf,  petanque, mölkky, darts, frisbees, and garden chess available for the guests to play. For kids we have swings, kickboards and children's bikes. More information from the reception.


Board games, playing cards, and karaoke equipment are available at the reception. The restaurant and reception area has Wi-Fi, laptops, and TV for the guests to.  Board games, toys, books and childrens DVDs can be borrowed to the rooms and cottages.


Famous Kerimäki wooden church is located just 9 km away from Kerimaa. It's the biggest wooden church in the world. Kerimäki village has also unique Finnish freshwater fish museum and Kerimäki local history museum.
Olavinlinna medieval castle is the number one tourist attaction of the Idyllic small town of Savonlinna. The tour guides of the castle treat the guests with thrilling stories about the lords and ladies of the castle. Guided city tours are available both by foot and by bus. The distance between Savonlinna and Kerimaa is about 16 km.
World famous Savonlinna Opera Festival is organized in Olavinlinna in July.
Cruises on Lake Saimaa:  Savonlinna harbour is the place to hop on a cruise on Lake Saimaa. The lenght and the prices wary.
Restaurants and shopping: Savonlinna, Kerimäki and the surrounding area has plenty of intersting little restaurants, department stores, boutiques, and farmer's markets. In the centre of Savonlinna there is a marketplace, that offers local food and handicrafts.

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