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Valid from 9.9.2013 onwards
The customer service of Kerimaan Lomakeskus sells accommodation and tourism services to personal customers, corporate customers and organisations via phone, email and at customer servece desks. Kerimaan Lomakeskus sells services only to adults over the legal age of 18 years old.
Payment terms and confirming the reservation:
In case of the reservation made via phone or email an invoice will be sent to the customer right after the reservation have been received, if no other agreement has been made with the customer. After the reservation has been made the customer receives an invoice and a confirmation  of the reservation to email. If there is more than one month to the beginning of the reservation the due date of the invoice will be one month before the first day of the reservation. If there is less than a month to the beginning of the reservation  the invoice will have seven days of payment time.
The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid the invoice. The reservation must be paid before the beginning of the reservation. If asked the customer must be able to present a receipt of the payment.
Regarding the new year reservations the final invoice must be paid immediately after the customer has made the reservation. Banking costs cannot be deducted from the total. 
Accommodation without prior booking is possible if the holiday village has free rooms or cottages.
Online shop of Kerimaan Lomakeskus is operated by Sportum Oy and it sells accommodation. The online shop sells accommodation services for adults over the legal age of 18 years old, to private customers, corporate customers and organisations. 
Payment terms and confirming the reservation:
Payment can be made via online payment of following banks: Danske Bank, Nordea and Osuuspankki. You can also pay with visa or mastercard creditcards. In case of online reservation the client pays the whole value of the reservation (100%) with credit card or through netbank. The price includes products and services that are stated in the product description. The price may change according to the season and time of the reservations. The extra services are priced separately.
The bookings of extra services are binding. The reservation is confirmed when the full price of the reservation has been paid. 
Receipt of the payment must be kept for guarantee and defect liability . If the reservation is unsuccessful the client must immediately take contact to the customer service of Kerimaa that the case can be corrected. In this case the seller does not guarantee that the vanue is still available.
Cancellation is valid when the information about it reaches our customer service. If the client cancels the reservation earlier than 21 days before the beginning of the stay in Kerimaa, the cancellation will be made free of  charge. In case the cancellation comes later than 21 days before the beginning of the stay in Kerimaa, the value of the reservation will be charged from the client. If the reservation is cancelled before the beginning of the stay in Kerimaa due to an accident, illness, or death that has faced the client or his/her close relative after the reservation has been made, the client has right to get the advance payment back. Service charge of 30 euro will be deducted from the refund. The client must inform the customer service immediately about the incident. In case the cancellation due to previously mentioned reasons happens during the stay in Kerimaa the price of the reservation will not be paid back to the client. In case the client wishes to change the cottage or apartment during their stay in Kerimaa, is this considered as cancellation and new reservation.
Kerimaa's right to cancel a reservation:
In case of force majeure the customer service of Kerimaa has the right to cancel the reservation. If this happens the client has the right to get the full advance payment back. If the reservation is cancelled due to force majeure possible expences that the client might face will no be compensated by Kerimaa.
Stay in the resort:
The price of the holiday venue (cottage or apartment) includes license to use the venue and the services stated in the product description. The client  brings his/her own bed linen or reserves them as an paid extra service. Use of the bed without bed linen is strictly prohibited. 
To most cottages and apartments it is possible to get an extra bed for additonal payment or a baby cot if all of them are not yet in use.
The client is responsible for the cleanliness of the holiday venue (cottage or apartment) during his/her stay in Kerimaa. When the cottage is privately owned agreement about final cleaning will be done when the reservation is made. Paid cleaning for the private cottages can be ordered from the owner of the cottage or from Kerimaa. If no cleaning has been ordered for a private cottage and the cottage is not cleaned when the reservation ends, Kerimaa or the owner of the property has the right to charge cleaning fee from the client. The right to charge exrta applies also in such cases when any cottage or apartment is damaged or messed up more than normal use should cause.
Cottage or apartment is in the clients possession from 16.00 on the day of arrival (winter season 14.00) till 12.00 on the day of departure. In the description of the cottage or apartment it is stated how many people is allowed in the cottage or apartment. It is forbidden to bring more people in to the cottage or apartment. 
Use of a tent or caravan in the area of Kerimaa Holiday Village is forbidden without permission from Kerimaa.
It is possible to take a pet to some cottages and apartments but prior notification is required. An additional payment will be charged for a pet.
Client is liable to compensate any possible damage coused for the cottage, apartment or its movables straight to the owner of the property.
All comments regarding the cottages and apartments must be presented immediately to the customer service of Kerimaan Lomakeskus. In case the matter cannot be prepared immediately possible written claims must arrive to Kerimaa's customer service at the latest 30 days after the ending of the stay at Kerimaa. Kerimaa cannot be liable for the customer any higher amount than the price of the reservation. Kerimaan Lomakeskus Oy does not take liability or responsibility over any possible noice disturbance caused by outsiders.